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Barry Baines

Barry Baines is a legal commentator and has his own website. He regularly writes about me. But he is an abuser by proxy - gaslighting for the far-right Norwegian Press and the 3 Islamophobic bigots at the Court of Appeal - the dishonourable Pharisee Sir Geoffrey Vos and the dead-from-the-neck up Lady Justice Falk and Lady Justice Macur and the morons that preceded them. Has Vos learnt nothing from the past? These bigots support the vilest Islamophobic attack ever to emanate from the Norwegian Press, when inferring that the catalyst for Norwegian Press stories in 1995 was down to my 'bad' behaviour. Utter rubbish! I was abused to begin with. Not the other way round. I am and always was the victim.

Barry Baines thinks I DESERVED the 'totally without merit' condemnations of Vos and Co. when he repeats verbatim the Court of Appeal mantra that it was I who brought the 1995 Norwegian Press stories upon myself from the off by my own behaviour and that in any event I did not have the insight to see what the 'proper role of judges' is when asked to decide an application from a litigant. Jumping on the mantra that I am not qualified to decide what the constituent elements of Islamophobia are. Barry Baines is an abuser by proxy himself and very much part of the British Islamophobia industry. Doing the Court of Appeal's dirty work for them.

Lord Pickles and the Met Police are on my side. They are, respectively, against Lady Justice Sharp and Lord Justice Popplewell and want the Judicial Conduct Rules changed. Vos, Macur and Falk can go to hell. Retire and be forgotten. You are poison. The Manchester University November 2022 Report concluded there was 'institutional racism/Islamophobia in the judiciary'. Barry Baines ignores that 'Racial Bias and the Bench' Report and ignores my own correctives and just repeats like a parrot what the Islamophobes at the Court of Appeal say. Mr Baines is not an investigative reporter of any worth. He is just part of the Islamophobia industry. Repeating only truths useful to the judiciary and half-truths and lies. Abusing me in effect.

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