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Jews for Jesus?

Hardly! Here's an excerpt from the Quora website regarding the traditional position of Jews on Jesus Christ. This is what the Jewish judges at the Royal Courts of Justice in London - such as Lady Justice Sharp, Lord Justice Bean, Sir Geoffrey Vos, Mr Justice Jay and Mr Justice Bennathan who have adjudicated on my applications and litigation giving absurd decisions - think of Jesus, the traditional figurehead for the Church of England and the British monarchy. Jesus - a man who the late Queen Elizabeth II totally relied on for spiritual sustenance. Yet these Jewish judges at the Royal Courts of Justice - who view the prophet Muhammad as an imposter as well - nevertheless expect the British public to accept their judgments without protest on all legal disputes that come before them and view their rulings as delivered with 'utmost integrity' and fully merited and devoid of all prejudice and bias. These Jewish judges are outsiders on the inside of the British establishment. They despise the two biggest religions in the world and consider them as 'totally without merit'.