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Dissimulation ... or hiding one's true feelings. Subterfuge. Hypocrisy. Mrs Justice Sharp and Lord Justice Popplewell - 30 years at the two separate Chambers housed in the same building at 1 Brick Court, these two, Lord Justice Warby (formerly head of Chambers at 5RB) ... all mates giving their various rulings on the Norway Shockers litigation cases ... all determined to make 'the Muslim man' pay for his teaching the Norwegian establishment the lesson of their lives ... culminating in 2011 High Court defendant the Ministry of Justice & Police, Norway having their entire building blown to kingdom come in the same week as Sharp J hands down her 'Best of British Bullshit' judgment. Blown up by Anders Breivik's car bomb on 22 July 2011. Divine intervention for the incestuous inbred Norwegian Islamophobes. 69 shot dead on Utøya island too ... by the Muslim-hater Commander Breivik. How ironic!

Even the 'Uncle Tom' - Mr Justice Pushpinder Saini weighs in with his twopence worth of fake news. He's the British establishment's concession to diversity. The Great Pretender. The Appeaser. A Sikh. Yet not one black ... or Muslim judge sits on the High Court bench as yet. Wonder why? Not like 'us' are they? Too many 'issues'.

These white trash (no offence to decent white people) change the rules as they go along ... invent new rules ... ignore established facts ... all to suit their agenda which is that ... no way can we let 'the Muslim man' win. Muhammad Ali, the Louisville Lip, was enough for us, they say ... and he was one too many. Can't have another one. We wish you were still alive Ali ... alive to beat the living sh*t out of Sharp, Popplewell and Warby. May God find another way. Divine intervention redux ...

As for your reasoning on the trumped up Norwegian 'harassment' convictions Mr Warby ... you just can't stand the fact that 'the Muslim man' has found a method of very effective revenge on the inbred Norwegian Press corps and the registered mental patient Heidi Schøne.

No. Fact is that Warby's head is stuck too far up his arse. There would never be a prosecution here for harassment you sicko cheat as the English Press do not behave like the Norwegian Press, so the need for a campaign of revenge would not have arisen in the first place, would it? You need this to be told to your face old boy. Rent boy. For hire to the forces of perversion.

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