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Simon Tinkler was the Chair of the SDT Panel in 2021. A real Islamophobe and cheat. Now appointed a Deputy High Court judge. See my email to him below detailing rampant corruption - which he completely ignored.

From: [email protected]
Sent: Tuesday, 16 November 2021, 10:21
To: [email protected]
Subject: Memorandum 12235-2021 SDT:0042355

Dear Mr Tinkler,

I am writing to you as I have just been told (by Doyle Clayton Law firm) that all my correspondence to the SDT regarding the upcoming hearing is directed straightaway by SDT CEO Geraldine Newbold to her own firm of criminal law solicitors - Doyle Clayton in Reading who were, no doubt, instrumental in having me arrested and detained overnight for 9 hours at Colchester Police Station on 1 September 2021 using fabricated information from 2 Witness Statements supplied by Ben Yallop, the Private Secretary to Lord Chief Justice Sir Ian Burnett, that a third party told him I was seen outside the homes of Lady Justice Sharp and Sir Ian Burnett. Total fabrications. Lies. Detective ConstableTrevor Clark told me this. I told him I have not been within a million miles of either of these judges homes and to get some substantiation. So far after 8 weeks not a word in reply. Why so? Cos' Ben Yallop is a sick bast*rd liar. Those 2 Witness Statements surely persuaded the London magistrate to grant the Essex Police a search warrant to seize all my electronic equipment to discover any 'research and planning on individuals'. In short, Ben Yallop has succeeded in persuading the Essex Police that I may have been planning an Islamist terror attack on the judiciary. What a cheating scumbag!

You must surely have known about this! You are tainted by association. And you wonder why I don't trust the SDT. This state of affairs has corrupted my upcoming hearing completely. YOU were acting as if everything was above board with no extraneous invasions, when all along vile manoeuvrings were afoot. Kate Kapp of Doyle Clayton tells me, effectively, I may now face arrest at the Tribunal hearing if I repeat my allegations of institutional racist-Islamophobic bigotry and discrimination by the SDT and SRA, as such language is 'unbefitting of a solicitor and in breach of the Civil injunction'. Kate Kapp, the one who employs barrister Andrew Maguire to compare me with hit-man Liam Neeson, the protagonist in the film 'Taken' who executes Arabic-speaking Muslims at the end of the film. So Islamophobic.

So, alleging Islamophobic-racist bullying and discrimination is illegal is it? Tell that to Yorkshire County Cricket Club.

YOU must report this SDT corruption to the Met Police immediately. I will inform your senior partner of what has transpired.

For the record, below is my email of yesterday with attachment to the SDT. No doubt sent straight to Doyle Clayton by Geraldine Newbold. Some people really are above the law. I have been led up the garden path. Used and abused. Just for being Muslim.

Please confirm receipt.

Farid El Diwany