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The Damned: El who? Easy...

It is not every day that your prize client gets blown up in the very same week as judgement is handed down. But this is exactly what happened to Charles Russell's client, The Ministry of Justice and the Police, Norway, in July 2011. The Islamophobe Mrs Justice Sharp, who condoned the infamous dozen or so 'Go fu*ck Allah the Camel' emails read out to her Court, thought she'd taught the Claimant a good lesson. But no! The Defendant Ministry's entire building in Oslo was blown to kingdom come by mass-murderer Anders Breivik. The Ministry's lawyer who instructed Charles Russell was off sick for the next 16 months. The Claimant's sworn enemy Verdens Gang newspaper was blown up too.

So there's Commander Breivik - riding swift and secretly so he'll miss the hanging tree - off to Utøya island to shoot dead 69 kids. And the Norwegian Police got the blame for not stopping Anders Breivik on the way to Utøya. So there we have it: not such a victory for the Norwegian Police bigots after all, was it Mrs Justice Sharp?

As for Charles Russell they will not apologise for standing up for a liar, cheat and abuser in Police Sergeant Torill Sorte. Next time you try to pervert the course of justice Charles Russell just remember you SMF's that sometimes God does intervene!


Chris Boyce from the Solicitors Regulation Authority. 8 January 2020:



Maithili Sreen from the Bar Standards Board. Case No. 2019/0916. 9 January 2020 :




Email to the Complaints Partner at Solicitors Charles Russell Speechlys, Jonathan Whitehead.

21 December 2019

Dear Mr Whitehead,

Before we speak let me recap on past events regarding the 2011 High Court litigation for my claim against your clients Police Sergeant Torill Sorte and the Ministry of Justice, Norway. A Ministry that had its entire premises blown up by Anders Breivik's car bomb in the same week as Mrs Justice Sharp handed down her judgement. With the Ministry's lawyer Christian Reusch off sick for the next 16 months. Plus my sworn enemy Verdens Gang newspaper having their premises wrecked too. These bigots did not get away with it after all!! Ironic that the Muslim-hater Mr Breivik destroyed my Muslim-hating enemies in a matter of minutes. Timed to perfection for the shell-shocked Mrs Justice Sharp.

Islamophobia writ large. And you have offices in Doha and Dubai. But the authorities in the Gulf will not be aware of your firm's role in support of the anti-Muslim hate campaign directed at me. They soon will be.

I see also your firm recently supplied the SRA with some translations of Norwegian court documents.

It is best you know what really happened; the machinations and diabolical treachery. Then we can talk.

1. Below are a series of recent emails to and from the Chambers of 5RB and David Hirst from this year, 2019. The two joint heads of Chambers were consulted as you will see. You will read that they agreed to remove from their own website report on the 2011 case reference to my alleged "mental illness". I told them this was a step in the right direction.

2. Note that my 2011 complaint about Mr Hirst to the Bar Council was NOT passed on to Mr Hirst: very unprofessional of the BSB/Bar Council, who dismissed my complaint. Hirst had to be involved, surely.

3. Importantly read my email to 5RB of 24 July 2019 at 08.37 am: Barrister David Hirst's determined attempt to convince Mrs Justice Sharp that I was seriously mentally ill - a sympton of which illness Hirst says included my decision to bring my claim in 2010/11 against his clients being journalist Roy Hansen by proxy, Police Sergeant Torill Sorte and the Ministry of Justice and the Police, Norway. Hirst's statement before Mrs Justice Sharp is to be found on the transcript of the 16.05.11 hearing on page 14, para H and page 15, paras A and B: "...at the very least ... a mental obsession....abnormal or highly unusual." See the transcript on farideldiwany.com.

What was totally unprofessional of Mr Hirst and James Quartermaine was to rely on a Norwegian Police Complaints decision of 2007 by Johan Martin Welhaven which endorsed Police Sergeant Torill Sorte's opinion expressed in a Norwegian newspaper Eiker Bladet on 11.01.06 (owned by defendant Roy Hansen) that I was "clearly mentally unstable". Welhaven said that my website (norwayuncovered.com) plus "other facts" demonstrated that I was "clearly mentally unstable". He refused to tell me what exactly on norwayuncovered.com and which "other facts" indicated my alleged very apparant mental illness. My appeal on these points was dismissed... by Mr Welhaven. A blatant cover up. Welhaven was at the time a civilian complaints handler; two years later he was appointed a Police Chief - no appearance of bias there then!! His colleague was now Torill Sorte! Note that Mr Welhaven did NOT give a copy of my original complaint TO Torill Sorte. This would not happen here: the U.K Police would have given a police officer concerned a copy of the complaint. It was for Torill Sorte herself to tell me why SHE thought I was "clearly mentally unstable". Only she would know why she said this.

4. To go back to 2005 relating to exactly why I brought my claim to the High Court in 2010/11. In 1995 a former Norwegian girlfriend, Heidi Schøne, a registered mental patient, writes in three national Norwegian newspapers that, inter alia, I had threatened to kill her and her family and her neighbours. (No neighbours or family came forward to confirm this to the Norwegian Police). That I made 13 years of obscene phone calls to her (not one was recorded by her - cos' not one such call was made). That I wrote 400 obscene letters to her (not one was kept as she said she'd thrown them all away). She told Police Sergeant Torill Sorte I had written to her saying I would travel to Norway to kill her two year old son. I went potty on hearing that sick lie. No such letter was produced: it was not written in the first place. I was also accused of "attempting" to rape her and sexually harassing her "year in year out" since 1982: '13 years of sex-terror' were the newspaper headlines in which they just labelled me as "the Muslim man suffering from a severe case of erotic paranoia". 19 times one newspaper article called me 'Muslim'. More front pages in 1998 and 2000.

In 2000 I decided to put up a website to combat this abuse as the Norwegian Press would not print my side of the story as they were obliged to by their Code of Ethics. In naming Heidi Schøne on my website and relating her life history I got a second conviction in Norway for 'harassment'; even though she had waived her right to anonymity by allowing her name and photograph to appear in the newspapers on multiple occasions. Mr Hirst had no right to tell Mrs Justice Sharp that in my trying to deny I was a potential killer (potential child killer too) or an attempted rapist or extreme abuser and suing for it in Norway, I was seriously mentally ill for doing so. Where was the medical evidence to justify this outrageous allegation from Mr Hirst - either from Norway or the U.K? There was none. No doctors provided any evidence at any time as I was never asked for a psychiatric examination - which must be presented to a court of law before a ruling is made by a judge.

5. On 20.12.05 and 21.12.05 I made the front pages in Dagbladet newspaper with a very spiteful, malicious Police Sergeant Torill Sorte saying that "in 1992 my despairing mother sectioned me for two years in a U.K mental hospital" and when I came out I "carried on worse than ever". In other words the treatment for my appalling behaviour did not work. Sorte already knew this to be a complete fabrication. It was not the first time she alleged that my mother had me sectioned. In 1997 she swore in a Witness Statement and in 2002 and 2003 on oath in Court civil proceedings in Norway that my mother had sectioned me "on one occassion". This became "two years" in 2005. But see the attached 2003 Norwegian Court of Appeal ('Borgarting Lagmannsrett' in Norwegian) documents with a 2003 letter from my family doctor saying I had never been an in-patient. Read out to Torill Sorte in 2003 in court. See the attached transcript from Dagbladet journalist Morten Øverbye in 2007 declaring Torill Sorte to be a "no-brainer liar". ALL this incontrovertible evidence was with Charles Russell Solicitors and David Hirst and Mrs Justice Sharp in 2011.

6. So the minute Dagbladet went online on 20.12.05 the attached hate emails arrived. Declared a hate crime by the Essex Police and sent to Interpol Norway in 2006, 2013 and 2019. With no co-operation from the Norwegian Police - as Police Sergeant Torill Sorte was the catalyst for the emails being sent. Mr Welhaven refused to address my complaint that Torill Sorte was an outright liar. A cover up. Charles Russell and 5RB supported Mr Welhaven's pathetic cover up all the way in court. I was a litigant in person. A Commercial Property Solicitor. With no experience of civil litigation. I was up against the best libel set in the country. I trusted the judge. Bad mistake! Once Dagbladet did their 2 stories I went onto social media to call Torill Sorte "a liar, cheat and abuser" for her grotesque lie that I was sectioned for 2 years in 1992. See the attached Port of London Authority letter from 2013 confirming that I was an employed Solicitor for EVERY year from 1989 to 1998. No two year gap for incarceration.

7. In revenge for my very popular website (norwayuncovered.com) in Norway exposing her as a liar Torill Sorte went on to Norwegian State Broadcaster NRK in 2006 when she said I was "harassing" her for calling her a "liar and corrupt"; that she'd done "nothing wrong"; that "even an internal enquiry found nothing wrong" (i.e Mr Welhaven). She then told Roy Hansen's Eiker Bladet newspaper on 11.01.06 that in my calling her "a liar and cheat" on social media it was not true and could only mean that I was "clearly mentally unstable" for making such an unfounded allegation. I was named for the first time in 11 years of Norwegian Press coverage.

8. In 2010 Roy Hansen decided to give his 2006 article a second airing by deliberately engineering a Google translate facility of it into English when a Google search was done on my name. I asked Roy Hansen to remove his facility from the internet. He refused. I was working in Lincoln's Inn then for two Arab governments as a Solicitor. I could not afford the risk of my very high profile clients plus Saudi and Gulf private clients reading that a Norwegian Police officer was accusing me of being a madman if they Googled my name. A friend of mine, Saleem Akbar, saw it and called me to say: "The Norwegians think you are mad!". So I sued and won. Judgement was set aside: in the same week as my sworn enemies the Ministry of Justice & Police and Verdens Gang newspaper had their entire premises blown up by Anders Breivik's car bomb. Breivik would have been reading about my alleged degenerate behaviour as a Muslim abuser which may have contributed to his decision bomb Police headquarters and then to murder 69 kids on Utøya island on 22 July 2011 - as he hated Muslims. No wonder - reading about my example - as the Press can only print 'the truth', especially if it comes from a Police Sergeant.

9. Mrs Justice Sharp deliberately covered up Torill Sorte's criminality: she knew full well I had never been incarcerated and that Sorte was a liar of the first order. All the relevant evidence was before her. Sharp's misconduct in this regard was compounded by her saying not one word of condemnation in court or in her judgement for ALL the attached vile hate emails read out to her in court. Blatant Islamophobia. As much as Muslims in general are despised in this country for the criminality of a small number of fanatics, any fool can see that Mrs Sharp is a bigot and Islamophobe. And is guilty of misconduct in public office. She ruled that my claim was an 'abuse of process' and that I was "harassing" Torill Sorte in bringing the claim. That I was re-litigating the "decided issue" of Mr Welhaven declaring I was mentally ill - on no medical evidence. But I had never sued Torill Sorte in Norway for her two years in a mental hospital allegation. I only sued Heidi Schøne and in 2003 she was declared too mentally ill for cross-examination at the Court of Appeal due to "an enduring personality disorder initiated in her adolescence" according to her psychiatrist and was now on "a 100% disability pension for mental illness". My first lawyer Karsten Gjøne missed the time limits to sue the Press and was found guilty of negligence by the Norwegian Bar Association. My second lawyer, Stig Lunde, missed the time limits to go to the Norwegian Supreme Court where we were due to create new case law. A disaster for my reputation - as later gleefully pounced upon by Mrs Justice Sharp. Next came Torill Sorte with her 2005 'two years incarceration' fabrication: revenge for my exposure of her.

I believe Mrs Sharp took umbridge when I told her my grandfather was a German soldier killed in Stalingrad. It took me 18 months to discover she is Jewish.

10. The night before the hearing on 16 March 2011 Charles Russell put in evidence of my seven phone messages to Torill Sorte in 2007 calling her a lying cheating so and so (for her fabricated two years in a mental hospital allegation). After 2 years of cover up by her protectors I had had enough of this appalling miscarriage of justice. So I called her what she was - an abuser - in very industrial language. Charles Russell were under a duty to tell Mrs Sharp the reason WHY I left these messages on Torill Sorte's voicemail: that it was because Sorte had tried to pervert the course of justice by telling the whole nation that I had been incarcerated in an asylum by my mother for two years. Charles Russell have a professional duty not to mislead the Court. They did AND succeeded: Mrs Justice Sharp includes the 7 phone messages in her judgement to indicate my unsolicited abusive 'harassment' of poor Police Sergeant Torill Sorte. Ipso facto I am probably mentally ill. This is the general purport of Mrs Justice Sharp's 29.07.11 judgement. It was printed up in 'Gatley on Libel and Slander' that I am an abuser. On 5RB's say so as they edit the book and tell Sweet and Maxwell what to print. NOW they acknowledge that perhaps they were wrong to give me the 'mental illness' label. They were instructed by Charles Russell's Solicitor Mr James Quartermaine, now at Ince Gordon Dadds. He did not point out to Mrs Sharp that his client Torill Sorte was the catalyst for the hate emails being sent to me by her comments to Dagbladet. Neither he nor Mr Hirst expressed regret at the emails being sent. Presumably because I deserved the opprobrium expressed in the emails. My abuser Heidi Schøne told Dagbladet that I "wanted her young son to die" and that "in other countries such a threat would be severely punished". It was printed. With reference to the word 'threat' she was reviving her sick allegation that I wanted to murder her 2 year old son. No way should that have been printed on the uncorroborated word of a registered mental patient. Dagbladet is a much respected national daily in Norway. Readers tend to believe them - hence the abuse in the emails. Charles Russell stayed silent. David Hirst stayed silent. Not a word of regret. Unprofessional conduct. Trying to get a fellow officer of the court declared as seriously mentally ill on no medical evidence is perverse. Charles Russell are similar to a high class prostitute: anything for the right money. That's why Roy Hansen took no part in the proceedings: no money to pay his hooker.

11. The night before the hearing on 16 March 2011 I asked James Quartermaine what his evidence was for arguing in their skeleton argument that I was mentally ill. He said I would hear it in court next morning. I was presented with ambush 'evidence' by David Hirst: Mr Welhaven's non-judicial reasoning that my website and "other facts" indicated I was "clearly mentally unstable". Norwayuncovered.com is still online. What on there indicates that I am mentally ill? Nothing. Norwegians sent emails to me telling me what a great and informative website it was. And to keep it online.

12. The Norwegian authorities argued that my campaigns (and a few letters to her) of informing the Norwegian public of my abuser Heidi Schøne's life history was "harassment' of her which got me 2 convictions. I said that as my life history of being a 'persistent Muslim abuser and potential child-killer and potential killer of others' was for 11 years presented to the Norwegian public by Heidi Schøne via her national Press then I had a right to expose her fully myself. And that if the Norwegian Press had just apologised in 1995 after calling me a potential killer then that would have been the end of it and no convictions for my right of reply would have resulted in 2001 and 2003. That the English Press would have rung me up first before going to print. I said I would never have been prosecuted for harassment here in the U.K as it would not have got to that stage. It's been pointed out the fact of my few letters calling Heidi Schøne a "whore" and a "bitch". Yes, as I was not an attempted rapist (11 years later changed to rape by "holding her down". I was the third person to be accused of rape by this poor 'victim' Heidi Schøne). For years I did not even discover some of the Press stories. They hated me for the astounding success of my website. The Met Police told me that if the British Press had printed in similar Muslim-hating terms they would be prosecuted. A few letters and cards from April to May 1995 to Heidi Schøne rebuking her for my discovering her false allegation of "attempted rape" would definitely not be prosecuted here in the U.K. After May 1995 the Press articles came. I could not find a lawyer to act for me for 6 years. All Heidi Schøne's 1982-1995 allegations were her own uncorroborated word. That would not get her any success here in a civil trial. I could NEVER cross-examine her in Norway. Mr Hirst and Charles Russell argued I was mentally ill. How am I mentally ill - on no medical evidence? 'Evidence' against Muslims is not required presumably. Wishful thinking and bigotry are all part of the game when faced with a potential child-killer I guess. Was I sectioned for two years without me or the Port of London Authority being aware of it? Am I a rapist? Do I pose a threat to children? Will I go out and kill a child on a whim? If Heidi Schøne says so then she must be right. Regardless of her own mental illness, suicide attempts and abortions and accusations of her stepmother's father sexually abusing her, her stepmother abusing her and her two sisters abusing her - all revealed in court by her psychiatrist Dr Petter Broch.

13. Renvoi Rule 45 allows a conviction to be ignored if it breaches the rules of natural justice. A conviction in absentia in Norway in 2001 using a lawyer who had minimal instructions due to a last minute prosecution on an offence that did not allow a defence of justified comment. Then a 2003 conviction obtained on a confession given under blatant duress cos' my website named Heidi Schøne, again with no scope for bringing the defence of justified comment. I was arrested at the door of the court the minute my civil case finished and then told in the cells to voluntarily confess my guilt of harassment for a website and fax campaign or else I would definitely go to prison. No lawyer represented me. I confessed under duress. Then paid the fine and was free to go home. The Norwegian Police are abusers. This blackmail would never happen in England.

14. Finally you will see on farideldiwany.com the 2 Witness Statements of Torill Sorte and her Ministry lawyer Christian Reusch. On the link at the top called 'NO-BRAINER'. Both of them mislead the Court by saying it was Torill Sorte's public duty to tell the truth to the Press about me. This included the fabricated 'fact' of my 2 years incarceration in a mental hospital. These Witness Statements were drawn up by James Quartermaine. Clearly Sorte and Reusch have perjured themselves and attempted to pervert the course of justice, with the considerable assistance of Charles Russell. If only these Norwegian reprobates had turned up at Court they could have been cross examined. Charles Russell were way out of line. Well paid too. Heidi Schøne told the Press that she never really liked me from the day we met in 1982. That she put up with me. So read her several very loving letters to me from 1982 to 1985 on the 'Letters' link on my website. Even discussing her desire to marry me. She is a proven liar. A Carl Beech fantasist clone. No British libel jury would ever believe her.

Farid El Diwany
Retired Solicitor.


Telephone call to Charles Russell Solicitors on 15 January 2020: