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Sex and Sin: Norway and the Whore of Babylon

Lensmann Torill Sorte

'A-ha! Time again for Norwegian Police Sergeant Torill Torill Sorte to Take on Me - or should we say Take me On? Do the Norwegian public know exactly why Dagbladet's Morten Øverbye said of Drammen's Lensmann Torill Sorte that: '...she's lying. That's a no-brainer'? Well, we're going to enlighten you, dear friends.

Liar, cheat and abuser. See for yourselves. Sorte was the catalyst for the 'Go fuck Allah, the Camel' series of hate emails that Interpol London sent off to Interpol Norway.

Police Sergeant, Torill Sorte from Drammen, Norway: '...she's lying. That's a no-brainer' according to Dagbladet's Morten Øverbye.

Victoria Madeleine Sharp

The War is over Lady Justice Sharp: the Nazis lost! So why the subtle, pernicious abuse of the Claimant - the grandson of a German soldier killed in Stalingrad? And a Muslim too. Not possible with your religious background of course! No, of course not. Not when you condone the sickest Islamophobic hate emails imaginable directed at the Claimant: 'Go fuck Allah, the Camel', 'Do you lick the pig's arsehole clean before digging in?' etc., etc., the catalyst for which was the vile abuser, the Defendant Torill Sorte. Emails that Interpol London sent to Interpol Norway. It was classed as a hate-crime by the British Police. But you condoned them, when asked in court to condemn them. Victoria Madeleine Sharp you have covered up for a liar, cheat and abuser.

How ironic that Anders Breivik blew up the entire building of the co-Defendant - the Ministry of Justice and the Police, Norway - in the same week as you handed down your judgment! You honed your wily, artful skills as a junior to another abuser - the 'King of Libel', the wife-beater, (according to his son), George Carman Q.C.

This former Lincoln's Inn solicitor has conclusively proved that you have misled, deceived and covered up sickening abuse. In the name of God, why? All your money will be of no use to you in the next life: you have betrayed your faith. You have cheated in the vilest way. And this will follow you for the rest of your days...

High Court Judge, Lady Justice Sharp condones series of 'Go fuck Allah the Camel' Norwegian hate emails. Interpol London later sent them over to Interpol Norway.
Victoria Sharp kept quiet on her leader George Carman Q.C's wife-beating. She had to lick arse to reach the top.

What the good folk of Norway might also not be aware of is that this servant of the public is also a qualified psychiatrist. Dr Torill Sorte, no less. An expert witness in court. Along with her colleague, the redoutable Johan Martin Welhaven - destined one day, we think, to be Minister of Justice and Public Security in Norway. He will be well advised to learn from the mistakes of former Minister Knut Storberget - who was well acquainted with 'the Muslim man'... Mr Welhaven's shady past in psuedo-psychiatric assesment is now all but forgotten. But is it? We shall see.

The residual hatreds from the Breivik era are still alive in Norway in the sense of those 'Dark Spirits'...supporters of the Norwegian establishment's 'En Av Oss' brigade. Well, Anders Behring Breivik, wherever did you get Brentwood Solutions Limited from? Was it Brentwood in Essex, England? The home town of Farid El Diwany. The 'Muslim man' you no doubt read about in your national press from 1995 to 2006. Did reading about El Diwany inspire you towards your day of action on 22 July 2011? Did you send one of those vile emails to El Diwany? Emails that Interpol London sent to Interpol Norway - who then swept it all under the carpet? Your big mistake was not realising that you had many more home grown supporters of your Muslim-hating philosophy than you imagined. You attacked the wrong target in Oslo! They were your ideological stablemates, as you will, we hope, soon discover.

So read on dearest friends of Norge. And regards to Morten Harket...for the jolliest song of all time... Take on Me, if you want Torill Sorte..