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'Lady Justice Sharp - Treachery and Betrayal' is written by a former Lincoln's Inn solicitor who was public enemy no.1 in Norway before the advent of Anders Behring Breivik. 'Sex' and 'sin' and 'Muslim' were the by-words in this decades long saga. Hatreds aplenty came to the fore in the land of the Vikings. And in the United Kingdom too. Establishment cover up by the Norwegian government and their British friends followed. This remarkable story will be of major interest to all Jews, Christians and Muslims. As well as to fans of rock music, especially followers of the Very 'eavy but Very 'umble Uriah Heep. This book is a reminder to all those who suffer outrageous iniquity at the hands of bigots to 'Never give up!' Indeed, in the same week as Mrs Justice Sharp (as she then was) handed down her iniquitous judgment the author's Royal Courts of Justice opponents, the Ministry of Justice and the Police, Norway had their entire building blown up by Anders Breivik's car bomb. The author's sworn enemies, the biggest tabloid newspaper in Norway, had their offices wrecked by Breivik's bomb. The Muslims in our midst, eh! The question is - did Anders Breivik know the author?

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