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This is a report (made by a retired Solicitor from Lincoln's Inn) that surely has to be in the upper echelons of administrative criminality and cover-up in an Office of a Senior judge in England & Wales. But no imputation of any sort is being levelled against Sir Ian Burnett, the Lord Chief Justice. This material is to be read in conjunction with the findings and recorded telephone conversations below under the SMF logo. The Solicitor's letters of complaint to Sir Ian were not being given to Sir Ian Burnett by his P.A Michele Souris. Even the Master of the Rolls, Sir Terence Etherton, refused to hand the correspondence (separately sent to him) on to his esteemed colleague in person, as will be seen. So the Solicitor himself on Friday 13 March 2020 turned up at 10.30am at Court 4 at the Royal Courts of Justice where Sir Ian Burnett was scheduled to hand down two judgments (one in the case of Dempsey). The Solicitor gave a package to the Court clerk with a request that it be given directly to Sir Ian and NOT to his Office. Sir Ian then came into Court for just 5 minutes to deliver his two judgments.






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