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Witness Statements from Police Sergeant Torill Sorte dated 2 February 2011 and Christian Reusch, Ministry of Police lawyer, dated 22 December 2010.

These Witness Statements are clear evidence of perjury, an attempt to mislead the High Court and pervert the course of justice by Norwegian government lawyer Christian Reusch and Police Sergeant Torill Sorte. These statements are completely silent as to WHY Lincoln's Inn solicitor Farid El Diwany called Torill Sorte "a liar and corrupt": that she had lied big time to Dagbladet newspaper in their 20.12.2005 & 21.12.2005 articles, saying that Farid El Diwany's mother had "sectioned him in a U.K mental hospital for two years from 1992-1994". The High Court was provided with evidence that this was a total fabrication by Police Sergeant Torill Sorte. The Dagbladet journalist who wrote the story, Morten Øverbye, confirmed in a recorded conversation in 2007 that Torill Sorte was the source for the "two years in a mental hospital" allegation and he added that: "If you have not been in a mental hospital then she's lying. That's a no-brainer." In 2011 Torill Sorte and Ministry lawyer Christian Reusch gave these statements to the High Court confirming that it was Torill Sorte's public duty as a police officer to explain to the public the 'truth' behind her comments to the press.